Red River group provides inshell sunflower seeds specially designed for your needs. Our Long – Type and Extra Long – Type programs provide you with an attractive and appealing seed, looking as delicious as it tastes.

Red River Regular Inshell
Long-Type Inshell (LT)
Extra-Long-Type Inshell (XLT)
About Us

The Red River group consists out of several companies, across the globe, ready to serve your sunflower needs. We are a supply chain company, taking responsibility for each step in the food chain. Our ‘field-to-factory’ seal guarantees quality that you need.

Our group head-office, located in Fargo (ND) is responsible for planting across the Mid-West as well as factories in North Dakota, Kansas and Texas.

Red River –Van Eck BV (NL)

Our European head-office, located in Zevenbergen is responsible for the EMEA operations.

Red River Bulgaria EOOD (BG)

Our sourcing office in Bulgaria responsible for CEE planting and processing.

Hybrid Selection

Value starts with our company developing hybrid seed with excellent agronomic characteristics. We are able to achieve these characteristics because of the high standards and experience of our contracted growers.

Contract Farming

As a result of extensive cooperation with our farmers, we have created a solid base to work from. The training and guidance on agronomy is key. We implemented this model globally, ranging from Northern America all the way to Eastern Europe.

Seed Processing

Our own production facilities as well as our toll production facilities are equipped with state of the art cleaning technology. Our quality control ensures that our products are high-quality and food safe.

Quality control starts in the field. We only work with specific hybrids our teams of agronomists support and inspect the contracted fields. After harvest we provide full traceability and work according to HACCP and ISO/FSSC 22000 guidelines. Only in this way we can ensure the Red River quality.

Our company is aware of its position in the supply chain for various food industries. We believe in, and support, (local) initiatives that stimulate agricultural sustainability. Red River sees success only in a mutual context with their partners, customers, employees and suppliers in a long-term perspective. Red River follows a strict code-of-conduct.

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