Market update – current situation and new crop

Market situation shifted since the last update, where the Turkish market was in full swing trying to cover their needs before the new regulations became effective. Prices have risen since then, also due to the fluctuating USD/EUR, and most buyers bought just in time for the Ramadan season. Consequently the MENA-region will be less active in the coming weeks.

Usually around this time of the year premium quality is harder to find as most of good quality is shipped in the beginning of the year. Red River keeps its product in aerated silos and can process on demand, guarantying that our customers receive first class quality.

The growing of new crop striped in-shell sunflower seed is in full motion. Weather conditions have been favourable in the early growing stages and the sunflowers developed successfully. Currently they are about 10 cm above the ground and the forecast for the coming two weeks are looking good.

New crop information from other regions are yet unclear, although first indications are smaller acres in China, with higher prices for both current as well as new crop.

Planting intentions in USA are mixed, where some regions have increased the acres compared to last year and some decreased their acres. For more information or price updates feel free to contact us.

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