Market update – new situation in Turkey

The Turkish market is up and running as they try to cover or take position for future demands.
New Turkish regulations on seed import seems to be the reason for the significant increase in demand.
The new (increased) fees are so high, that it even justifies to pay more and use road transport instead of sea transport, to areas like Mersin.
Since Turkey is an important hub for trade activities to the Middle East, it can have major implications for future deliveries via this route, but time will tell how this all develops.

Bulgarian crop is planted and first indications are good, even though last couple of days the temperatures were relatively low and in some areas even snowy. Nevertheless humidity is normally what the plants need right now for their development.
This week there are some sunny days expected which should have a positive influence on the growing.

Chinese prices have stabilized or went up a bit and types such as 601 are more difficult to find.
Planting figures are not know yet, but next month it should be clearer how much there will be planted.

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