Market Update

New Eastern-European origins have entered the market, offering the more traditional ‘Dakota type’. The seed quality is good, however the Dakota is a round type in-shell.

USA has completed their harvest. Overall quality is considered reasonable to good and a record yield is anticipated. The first volumes of cleaned and calibrated seeds from US origin (new crop) have entered the market already.

Domestic and export markets for Chinese in-shell are volatile as production outside Inner-Mongolia lacked quality and quantity. This caused a price increase during September/October. Current market is relatively stable as farmers are liquidating their stocks towards the end of the year and domestic roasters are booking volumes.

Argentina continues to be disruptive force on the market. 2015 crop is nearly sold, low quality product is offered at low prices. Planting for new crop is reduced significantly with major producers, whereas the anticipated volumes available from smallholders is likely to show a small increase.

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