New crop is coming!

Eastern-European crop is almost harvested, with mixed results. After a wet start, in the early growing stages, it became very dry and in some areas it did not rain for more than 90 days.
Some varieties have been effected by drought stress, however our Long Type (Red River hybrid) showed to be tolerant and outperformed yet again other varieties in Bulgaria.

The JXL is still in the field as it was planted one month later and farmers are looking at a marginal yield and quality. It appears to be, that the later planting and drought has reflected in the outcome as the size, kernel fill and weight are lacking.

The yield of black (oil) sunflower seeds in the CEE/FSU is similar to last year and oil crush companies are pleased with the quality. In contrary the kernel producers are complaining about the conversion rates, as this year’s crop turned out to be smaller in size. High demand for bigger size crop has driven prices up.

China has finished harvest and first volumes have entered the market already. Export markets for Chinese in-shell are volatile as last volumes of old crop were sold till late in the season causing no urgency to buy. Current offerings are at similar prices of old crop.

The USA crop is progressing well. The acres are down by 30% according to the numbers and due to severe weather conditions it is estimated to be down another 10%.

The harvest in Texas is completed and despite the moist, the quality is to be expected reasonable. First indications of the Colorado/Kansas crop are looking good as it shows minimal scuffing, whereas the fields in the north are yet to be harvested.

Argentina continues to offer their product at low price levels. Albeit these levels, exports have declined somewhat over the past few months.

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