The world is sold out, at least for quality product!

Bulgaria is nearly sold out as there is no quality product available. Last volumes of Jaguar and JXL are being sold below market prices. Main issues for these products are mixed seeds, broken seeds and low purity levels.

Same can be said on China, where domestic buyers made their pick and reasonable to good quality product was exported earlier this year. Current issues are mouldy kernels, weight and minor scuffing.

Supplies from Argentina remains poor as most of the product was carry over from 2015 crop. Due to poor weather conditions, 2016 crop had the same issues, resulting in high scuffing.

USA has some good quality product left, which is being offered at a premium price.

New Crop

Midway the growing season, Bulgarian crop seems to grow according to plan. After a somewhat rainy start, the weather has turned and conditions are more favourable. Nevertheless the quantity from Bulgaria will be significantly less compared to last year (-70%). Other traditional origins also showed a decrease in planting as they finished it this month, USA, -20% and China, -30%/35%.


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